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Here you can see documentaries, news and other media content

LEV and TV Glad has produced two documentaries on UPPID’s work in Uganda to ensure better conditions for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Movie: Don’t look back - from deserter to crusader
Moses left his wife and intellectually disabled son. Ten years later he regrets his decision and returns to the family to begin a new life. A story of self-insight, forgiveness and understanding. See the movie

Movie: Parents for change
Lars Surrow, member of the executive committee of LEV, visits Vietnam to initiate a dialogue on how to be a parent in a Vietnamese context for a child with intellectual disabilities. See the movie  

News story: More work needed to ensure people with disabilities access education
A news story from Myanmar Times about education of sepcial education teachers. Up to 53 % of Myanmar people 'with disabilities do not have acces to education while only 2 % hold bachelor’s degrees.Read more

News story: From being an outcast to recognition – Uganda
Over the course of the last two years intellectually disabled people have gone from being outcasts to being recognized in Southern Uganda. Furthermore, they now are self-financing and do not need any more support. Read more

Movie: Voice of the Voiceless
Nangobi Magumba is a single mother to her son Moses, who has both a physical and intellectual disability. She explains how participation in a parent self-help group has helped her and her son to live a life with dignity instead of isolation.