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LEVs international work

LEV has supported partners in Europe, Africa and Asia since 1994 based on the principles of solidarity and help to self-help for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Our work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Funding mainly comes from DANIDA through the Disability Fund that is administered by Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark.

LEV supports a number of partner organizations that promotes the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families through parent self-help groups, advocacy and self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is when people with intellectual disabilities speak up for themselves, make sure that they have a say in decisions that affect them and ask questions and learn new skills.

LEV always collaborates with like-minded partner organizations that are members of Inclusion International. Inclusion International is an international umbrella organization focusing on people with intellectual disabilities and their families that LEV is a member of.

In 2014, LEV adopted a new strategy for its international development cooperation valid till 2019. LEV wants to promote the development of democratic organisations of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in developing countries. LEV encourages activities that promote inclusion of PWIDs and their families in society, gender equality and are sustainable so that relevant activities can continue after the support from LEV has ceased.

If you want to read more about our partner organisation click at Inclusion International.

In LEV great emphasis is placed on:

Good partnerships

LEV always collaborates with like-minded organisations and gladly contributes to the formation of new ones. The choice of partner and development aid is coordinated with larger network organisations and umbrella organisations such as Inclusion International, who, like other strong allies at global and regional level support the efforts of LEV.

Sustainable projects and partnerships

When LEV enters into a partnership it is always with a focus on building the partners’ capacity to provide even more support for the intellectually disabled people. After which LEV gradually phases out the partnership and the partner carries on the work alone. The sustainable element in LEV's work is a period of capacity building followed by a planned and orderly "exit strategy"

Disability umbrella organisations are important

LEV always works towards the full inclusion of its partners in national disability movements. Cooperation with other organisations is important for the common cause and LEV believes that national disability umbrellas are important platforms where much can be achieved.


It is essential that LEV's partners take ownership of projects from day 1 and do not develop a relationship of dependency towards LEV. Therefore LEV has considerable demands on the partners and their daily work so that projects benefit as many as possible without LEV expending excessive resources.

LEV's strategy for developing organisations that work for people with intellectual disabilities and their families

In 2014, LEV prepared a strategy for its development work. It is based on many years of experience with development work abroad as well as work in Denmark. A cornerstone of the strategy is supporting the formation of umbrella-like organisations similar to LEV itself, combined with support for local groups of parents and persons with intellectual disability.

Development always in focus

Many years engagement with international development has taught LEV that it is important to remember the successful initiatives in particular. New projects are therefore planned with an eye on what has worked both at home and abroad. For LEV, a key concern is that methods and routines are continuously improved to raise the quality of work.